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BOulder, Colorado

oh, hello sun

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It's Balayage, Baby

Sweep is the first and only balayage bar in Boulder that specializes in the art of tried and true-to-tradition, hand-painted balayage.


Providing services in a welcoming, “hello friend” atmosphere where positivity plays a part in our process, we use ethically produced and disposed of organic products.

Sweep intends to embrace organized chaos — a natural look — and to change the way hair color is traditionally done. We promote a process that is less damaging to your hair, the environment, and easier to afford. That’s the voilà of balayage.

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What is Balayage?




It’s a French word that means, ‘to sweep’ or ‘sweeping.’

Balayage may sound like a new trend, but the freehand technique has been around since the disco era. In the 70s, balayage made its way from France to NYC. Although it has taken on different styles and techniques over the years, Sweep focuses on the original purpose and process — bringing dimensional color to those locks by sweeping the hair with custom paintbrushes, creating the most effortless, au naturel effect.

It’s an art form.  


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is Balayage for everyone?

Absolutely!  Balayage involves soft brush strokes and swipes of color that play off the hair’s natural movement. It’s a process we could all use more in everyday life, where less is more and imperfections are key.   

Unlike foils which have blunt lines, balayage looks like random color collected from the sun.

There is also a common misconception that balayage is the same as ombré (another French word that means ‘shaded’). However, ombré is just one technique within the balayage family. Ombré is a technique that involves color blocking where no dark shade on the bottom is left untouched — unlike balayage.

If you want to lighten up with lived-in color (yes, please) balayage is for you.

Here at the Sweep, we have seven different styles of balayage that include covering rogue gray hairs to mimicking those sun-kissed sweet spots you had as a kid.









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Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River